Chartered Certified Accountants


As Chartered Accountants, we fully understand the importance of the payroll to every organisation, we are aware of how the payroll costs impact the accounts of the business you do, hence we know that its accuracy is not negotiable. We provide a complete payroll service to our clients. We also serve as payroll bureau to corporate and private businesses providing weekly or monthly payslips and submitting all the necessary monthly and annual returns to meet statutory Pay As You Earn obligations. Our payroll bureau provides payroll service to clients with up to five hundred employees staff. Running an in house payroll services could be complex, cumbersome and expensive. Lighthall Payroll Services provides a complete tailor made and cost effective solution that takes away the burden of managing a payroll, saving you time and money. The merits of using Lighthall Payroll Services amongst many others include:

  • Controlled, predictable costs
  • Confidential and responsive service
  • Savings on resources
  • Guaranteed continuity
  • BACS payments
  • Electronic and Paper payslips
  • Regulatory Compliant – Auto Enrollment and Real Time Information