Chartered Certified Accountants


Tax landscape is consistently changing; the demands of regulation is increasing by the day, small and growing businesses are no exception to the rigid tax regulations in recent times. At Lighthall Consult, we believe taxation should not be tasking; our approach to taxation is proactive ensuring that we partner with our clients through effective tax planning to find the most efficient tax position that can ensure our client pay the minimum tax.

Our well-developed tax unit within the practice provides in-depth tax planning services and professional tax advice on corporation tax, employment tax, partnership tax, personal income tax, business income tax, capital gains tax, and inheritance tax; value added tax and self-assessment returns to the HMRC.

We use our specialist skills across taxes, our deep industry knowledge and professional insights, expertise and experience to assess your business tax needs and help you to stay competitive, tax compliant and corporately responsible.

Corporation Tax:

Corporation tax compliance and advice is becoming increasingly complex in a constantly evolving UK environment. The need for a corporate tax adviser have not been greater with constant changes in legislation and the HMRC becoming more aggressive in ensuring compliance to the rules than ever before for both large and small companies.

We compute corporate taxes with a focal point of finding the effective tax position that ensures all our corporate tax paying client pay minimum tax. Our tax advisory service also provides advice on:

  • Tax implications of any proposed business decisions
  • Liaising and negotiating with the HMRC on behalf of your business and responding to corporate tax enquiries
  • Assistance with corporate tax planning that proactively ensures that our clients pay the minimum tax.
  • Provision of the tax options on complex and challenging corporate matters.
  • Advisory on tax compliance service.

Employment Tax

Most business entity knows that the value of an organisation depends much on its employees; the cost of employees is a vital business costs that needs to be proactively planned. Our tax unit which is directly linked with our payroll bureau provides an in-depth wide range of income tax and national insurance services that is specifically aimed to support your business needs. We work directly with our clients to meet the challenges of HMRC employer compliance, PAYE risk assessment, registering your business as an employer, remuneration planning for directors and employees.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

This an area of tax that is endlessly challenging for most business entities; its international dimension to businesses with subsidiaries or branches outside the UK makes it a tax area that needs a versatile tax expert. Our tax experts rise up to this

VAT represents a key factor in a business's cash flow and potentially a real bottom line cost. Constantly evolving case law, statute and HMRC guidance makes compliance a continuous challenge. Less than excellent house-keeping can result in penalties, damaged reputation and/or missed opportunities. In today's global economy where competition is fierce and cash flow management is of paramount importance, effectively managing both the risks and opportunities surrounding indirect tax is key.

Personal Taxation

Many individuals are required by law to complete tax returns each year with the prospect of significant penalties if they fail to do so. However, in an increasingly busy world, few have the time to comply and this where we can help. The importance of submitting accurate and timely information cannot be overemphasized. Our tax compliance team can prepare your tax return, provide advice on tax payments and deal with any tax issues or Revenue correspondence leaving you to concentrate on the more important things in life. Our tax team also provides tax advisory and tax services on capital gains and inheritance tax.