Chartered Certified Accountants

Partners in Business

We are a Chartered Certified Accounting Practice with a primary objective to providing comprehensive professional accountancy, taxation and complimentary services that are centred on our clients’ business evolving.

As a practice we believe that each business is unique with distinct core competencies that need to be harnessed effectively to meet pre-set business objectives. As such we tailor our professional expertise to meet your business needs.

We believe that accountancy is beyond figures; as such we provide total professional support that help identify business core competencies and partner with our clients in harnessing these competencies in meeting corporate objectives.

Our Core Values:

Our Core values are: Professionalism, Integrity and Quality

Our core values define who we are; these values are fundamental to us as a practice and underpin all that we do.

Professionalism is the core of what we do, we showcase professionalism in our approach, attitude and the way we provide service. We invest in training our people in professional ethics. Professionalism is not only part of who we are it depicts what we do and how we do it.

Integrity is part of our core culture at Lighthall Consult; we are open and honest. We treat each client as peculiar and provide a professional friendly service that is based on our professional integrity. We value and practice confidentiality and provide our clients with reliable professional service and advice.

Quality is crucial to us as a practice and core to the work we do. The quality of the work we do and the service we render we believe is what define us as a professional practice. We work hard to provide a flawless professional service to all our clients. We have in house quality control that ensures our work is of high professional standard. We encourage peer review as appropriate to ensure sustained quality and consistency.

Our Mission

Our Mission as a Professional Accounting Practice is to be the one of the most consistent efficient and effective professional partner in the creation of sustainable business wealth to all our clients.